About Kent Wiejaczka - Michigan Realistic Painter | Kent's Art Gallery
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Northern-MichiganI reside with my wife, Kathy, in northwest lower Michigan. Our home and studio are located near the village of Empire with a westerly inspirational view of Lake Michigan. I work two-dimensionally with an emphasis on drawings (pencil and ink), and paintings (watercolor and oil). My work combines representational art (figures and landscape) with an underlying feel for abstract forms and strong color relationships.


While currently working on my art full time, I also owned and operated, with my wife, a residential remodeling company for 30 years in Leelanau County, Michigan. My interest in building began in the summer of 1964 while watching contractors remodel my childhood home. I fell in love with the purposefulness of building with the added enjoyment of working outdoors. Sometimes the choices that face an artist are interestingly similar to those that a builder undertakes, especially in the realm of visual aesthetics and spatial divisions.


Born in Detroit, and later moving to Warren, Michigan, I received an excellent education in public school. At that time, the arts were flourishing, and my school was fortunate to have five rooms dedicated to industrial art with an emphasis on drafting, wood shop, ceramics, and painting/drawing.  I furthered my education at Macomb County Community College, and earned a BFA and MA in art at Wayne State University in Detroit.
Kent's Studio


Presently serving as a Board member with the Michigan Watercolor Society, I am excited to interact with other artists and art enthusiasts. My future goals involve creating art full time and helping others in my community. In addition, I advocate for social justice, especially issues concerning women.

Kent & Kathy Wiejaczka